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Remain active, enjoy life, and regain confidence
Welcome to new england urogynecology
    If you suffer from urinary leakage, you are not alone. At our center we are committed to enabling and empowerintg women to remain active and continue doing activities that they love to do. Our premier center uses cutting edge technologies for the evaluation and treatment of urinary problems in women.
    We are a specialized practice devoted to urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control) and prolapse. Our center is among a small group of practices that specializes exclusively in the care of women with pelvic floor disorders. are you ready to take the incontience quize. CLICK HERE
   Losing urine when you laugh, cough,jump or sneeze is very common and often goes untreated. Don't let fear or embarrassment keep you from seeking help. Regain your confidence by calling New England Urogynecology for an appointment today! 781.460.2120