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I have had a bladder leakage problem for most of my life. Over the past 7 years it has become so bad that I was finding it hard to deal with. I had severe incontinence, sitting up quickly, sneezing, bearing down, laughing, coughing, physical activity such as lifting jogging, bending or stooping. To the point that I had to stop going to the gym.

Over the past few years, I have suffered from a condition called "Stress Incontinence," which is urine leakage brought on by, exercise, laughing and sneezing. I had to wear a protective pad that was both uncomfortable and embarrassing.My Gynecologist recommended Dr. Sujatha Rajan; a Urological Gynecologist to help with my problem.

I want to thank Dr. Rajan for helping me solve my bladder problem. It was easy to discuss the problem with you and how you would solve my problem. The surgery was as you discussed and was a sucess!!!