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Stress UI
Losing urine when you laugh, cough,jump or sneeze is very common and often goes untreated. Don't let fear or embarrassment keep you from seeking help. Regain your confidence by calling New England Urogynecology for an appointment today! 781.460.2120

Enhancing Quality of Life by Controlling Urinary Incontinence

Have you tried multiple medications for incontinence without much success? Do you still leak when coughing or laughing? Are your incontinence symptoms keeping you from activities you used to enjoy?

If so, you're not alone. In fact, up to 40 percent of women experience bladder control issues – although embarrassment often keeps them from talking about this problem. As women live longer and stay more active, bladder control problems tend to interfere with quality of life. They are unable to participate in activities and must always make sure a bathroom is nearby.

However, women do not have to continue to live this way.

Urinary incontinence is dripping, or leaking urine. If you have leakage with coughing, laughing, exercising or walking, then most commonly you suffer from stress incontinence. If you start dripping before reaching the bathroom, then the problem is most likely urge incontinence.

Safe and effective treatment options are available, including monitoring of fluid and caffeine intake and practicing pelvic floor (Kegel's) exercises. The insertion of a minimally invasive bladder sling is a popular, safe and effective surgical procedure that can be performed to treat stress incontinence. It is a 20-minute, outpatient procedure and is up to 90 percent successful in improving stress incontinence so women can return to normal activities quickly. The sling is placed through the vagina through a very tiny incision and acts as a hammock to support the bladder outlet otherwise referred to as urethra.


 It is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that takes 15-20 minutesto perform.

 Recovery is quick and patients are back to normal activities in a few days.

 Results are usually immediate, and the procedure has a good track record of safety and durability.

 Dr Sujatha Rajan is a urogynecologist, who has been performing this procedure since 2004 and has extensive experience with this.

 Urogynecologists like Dr Rajan, offer sophisticated testing and innovative treatment options so you can regain control of your active life. We're here to help you.

Please call our office at 781-460-2120 to learn more about the sling and other options that maybe available to help you.

I have had a bladder leakage problem for most of my life. Over the past 7 years it has become so bad that I was finding it hard to deal with. I had severe incontinence, sitting up quickly, sneezing, bearing down, laughing, coughing, physical activity such as lifting jogging, bending or stooping. To the point that I had to stop going to the gym.

Over the past few years, I have suffered from a condition called "Stress Incontinence," which is urine leakage brought on by, exercise, laughing and sneezing. I had to wear a protective pad that was both uncomfortable and embarrassing.My Gynecologist recommended Dr. Sujatha Rajan; a Urological Gynecologist to help with my problem.

I want to thank Dr. Rajan for helping me solve my bladder problem. It was easy to discuss the problem with you and how you would solve my problem. The surgery was as you discussed and was a sucess!!!